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Functional handmade kitchen knives

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About Me

Originally an engineer, I have spent most of my career in computer graphics and computer games, as a programmer and as a leader.

My history with knives began with my interest in cooking. I started out buying knives, then getting interested in sharpening and getting a ton of whetstones. Then more knives etc...

Since 2016 I have been on a quest to make a great kitchen knife. At first just for myself, but as I started receiving positive feedback from both the Danish knife making community and some chefs, I started getting into it more seriously. Now I have reached a point where I have quit my day job to focus 100% on the knives.


About the Workshop

I live in Copenhagen in an old house 15 minutes on bicycle from the city center. Since my workshop is in the basement of our house, I don't really need to get on my bicycle much these days. When I write this, it is winter and the first thing I do in the morning is to go down in the workshop and build a fire in the wood stove. In this way the workshop is warm and cozy when I am done with my coffee and morning exercises.

When the house was built in 1914 the basement was a carpenter’s shop. The knowledge of this combined with the wood stove give me a daily reminder of history and old fashioned craftsmanship. It is a little romantic I know, but it works for me anyway.

My new life in the workshop is so very different from my work life until now: Days with people, emails, business trips and deadlines have been exchanged with the few steps from my kitchen to the basement, and the sheer luxury on focusing on one thing only. There is another remarkable difference too: My hours of labor result in this very tangible product. A tool that you can see and touch and is intended for everyday use. These things combined; focus and tangibility make my new life meaningful and extremely rewarding. It should be added that I loved by previous life as well, but change is good :)

My official first day of business in TX Knives was January 1st 2018.

Steffen Toksvig